Honey is known for its beneficial health properties, contains a huge amount of minerals and vitamins, and charges the body with energy. It has been used in medicine for a long time. Can you imagine what will happen if you combine centuries-old traditions and modern technologies?

Doctor Honey are products developed in collaboration with leading beekeeping institutes. They combine the benefits of honey, the latest developments, first-class equipment and production according to international quality standards.

What products are already available?

Honey mixes are pure flower honey mixed with beneficial ingredients using a special gentle kneading technology, in which all beneficial properties are preserved and enhanced. Now there are 3 mixes in the line: with propolis, with royal jelly, and with sea buckthorn.

Protective soap-scrub - cleanses, disinfects, cares for hands. It contains ground eucalyptus, which creates a scrubbing effect that cleanses, disinfects, and cares for hands. It has a very pleasant scent of sage and eucalyptus.

The Immunobox set is a comprehensive protection of your immunity from all sides, both from the inside and the outside. At the same time, the protection is natural and natural, because Doctor Honey products contain only beekeeping products, which have been helping people’s health for thousands of years, as well as superfoods and other extremely healthy and natural products.

A dream led us to create this project. We want each of you to be able to heal naturally, without the use of drugs. We hope you will support this dream.

Doctor Honey. Created by bees - tested by scientists

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